Marine and Coastal Recovered Plastic Material Yarn

Bionic believes in making the world a better place with better products. In pursuit of this belief, we provide marine and coastal recovered plastic material yarn. We strive to unite leading brands so that collectively we substantially and measurably reduce ocean plastic.

Our HLX marine recovered ocean plastic material yarn is one of our three yarns. Each serves a different function and has a flexibility to work in a variety of applications. Our HLX yarn is used in apparel and is available for partnership with footwear, décor, maritime, and automotive industries.

HLX® is a patented performance yarn that delivers durability and refined quality. 

HLX® yarn structure creates a refined surface texture through its helical cover, and submerges RPET under the surface. Its helix can also enhance the abrasion resistance on natural fabrics without compromising aesthetics.

 HLX’s Helix can be made with Cotton, Bamboo- Charcoal,Wool, Hemp, Linen, and a range of High Tenacity Synthetic Fibers with properties such as Flame Resistance, Enhanced Strength,Anti-Microbial, and Moisture Wicking.

Discover the performance and adaptability of marine recovered ocean plastic material yarn with Bionic. Contact us to discuss the possibilities that are available with our HLX yarn. The enhanced abrasion resistance of our HLX yarn allows for blending with natural fabrics and maintaining a stunning aesthetic.

Reach out to the team at Bionic to do your part to reduce ocean plastic with our marine recovered material yarn.